Lasse “Illinton” Mosegard

Lasse is a highly experienced artist, producer, composer, musician and sound engineer based in Ibiza and London. A multi instrumentalist from an early age, he plays piano, synthesiser and percussion/hand drums professionally and has experience in a wide variety of musical genres including Chill-Out, Jazz, R&B, D&B, Deep House, House, Techno, Pop, Electronica, Indie, Advertisement, TV Music and Film Scores.

He recently composed, produced and mixed the music, for the feature documentary film, “The Last Shaman” Directed by Raz Degan (Peace Productions), Presented by Leonardo DiCaprio (Appian Way Productions) Produced by Nadav Schirman and Ariel Wromen, with Executive Production by John Battsek, Luca Argentero and Giancarlo Canavesio. Collectively, these folks have been nominated for countless awards and even more notably, pioneered an Academy Award-winning film. Abramorama is an independent film distributor and industry leader, spearheading some of the most successful documentary films of the past decade, including The Beatles, Eight Days a Week and Exit Through the Gift Shop. The film is currently showing in US cinemas and along with the film’s musical soundtrack, will be released on Netflix later this year.

Lasse is currently, composing, producing and mixing music for the inovating, all human body senses concept, Bebox, an inovative new platform offering sound therapy music, healing frequencies, visuals and guided meditations. Bebox, founded and developed by Chris Conner, is a local multimedia space designed to guide and inspire you to access the power and beauty of the present moment. The complete therapy space will offer unique and visionary mind/body meditation classes that are designed for daily practice and long term vitality.



Selected TV, Film & Advertising

AUDI – Super Le Mans DVD All Music
Born to Kill – Sky Television, Channel Five All Music
Carlsberg – TVC with Gitte Stallone and Promo CD
Charles Worthington – Website
CNN various programs and spots
CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) – CBS – worldwide TV networks
Dead Famous – Living TV, Biography Channel etc. All Music
Easy Cruise – Sky One, Sky One Mix and Sky Travel All Music
L’ultimo Piano – Paolo Scarfò
Ma Salama Jamil – Shagawi/Zentropa
Mazda dealership US TVC “Lucas with the lid off”
The Last Shaman – Directed by Raz Degan, Presentet by Leonard Dicaprio